Belgium's largest and most exciting butterfly house can be found near Chimay - with an area of 700m² it's almost twice the size of the Antwerp butterfly house and it houses a large butterfly population. Throughout the garden the butterflies literally flutter around your ears, while it's also likely they will come and sit on your arm or your lens. This is THE place to be for butterfly lovers!

Workshop details

We will meet at 11am at the entrance of La Grange Aux Papillons. This is the opening time of the butterfly house and it is when the butterflies start to be active. We will take different and alternating positions so that everyone has the opportunity to photograph all butterflies on different spots. The participants will receive tips and advice about the best settings, also for photographing the butterflies in flight. Obviously the goal is to get increasingly better pictures. We will take a lunch break and exchange experiences, and then continue with our photography until 4pm.

Because the number of participants is limited to 5, the assistance is very personalised.
After the workshop the participants will receive extensive feedback on two photos that were made during the course of this workshop.

Who is the workshop aimed at?
  • photographers who already know the basics of photography and are experienced with setting apertures and shutter speeds
  • and who possess a DSLR camera (or a mirrorless system camera) with macrolens ànd telelens
  • and who can bring a tripod.


Practical info: 

  • Food is not included or available, so bring your own sandwiches. Cold drinks can be bought.
  • The butterfly house is a covered, humid, tropical greenhouse with temperatures varying between 25 and 30°C. Take this into account when you choose your clothing and maybe put a dry T-shirt in the car for the way back!
  • Because of the humidity you cannot change lenses inside the butterfly house. This is, however, possible outside or at reception.
  • The workshop is on a week day since school holidays and weekends the butterfly house gets very busy. On a week day you will be able to move more freely and photograph the butterflies from a variety of perspectives. 
  • No cancellation or other insurance is included in this workshop.