Exclusive South Luangwa - Lion and Leopard Country 2022

This 11 day photo safari takes you to the exclusive wilderness of South Luangwa.

In this predator country the wildlife density is phenomenally high, that of tourists extraordinarily low. South Luangwa is known for its big populations of lions and leopards, but also for the various packs of wild dogs that reside there.

This is a luxury safari in which we will be photographing from vehicles and hides as well as in the camps. Hide photography will allow us to sit safely a few meters away from a drinking elephant or a bathing hippo.

There are only 5 places available.

Practical info: 

This trip focuses entirely on wildlife photography.

You are 11 days on the spot. Calculate extra days for the international flights!

We have two 4x4 vehicles at our disposal in South Luangwa, giving everybody ample space to photograph comfortably.

Accommodation is in exclusive and luxury lodges and tented camps in the middle of nature. All have private bathroom (shower, toilet), charging facilities, and provide delicious meals.

More details and complete itinerary are available by clicking the ‘more info’ button at the top of this page.

Click here for more photos made during this trip.

Voor Shoot, het beste fotografiemagazine van België, schreef ik een artikel dat een hulp kan zijn bij het vergelijken van het safari-aanbod.


When I registered for the trip to Zambia, I had set my expectations very high and I secretly hoped that they would be met. So were they met or not?...  What a trip !! Unforgettable! I will always have great memories. It is really the country of lions and leopards, where many other wild animals are...
I have been looking forward to this Zambia trip for a few years and the satisfaction was fully granted. The preparatory meetings and the information provided were followed up so that the preparation was optimal. The further logistics, transport, etc. were all to my liking. Once arrived, all desires...