Lockdown private video session

If you now have the time and the motivation to go and photograph in your own garden or in a nearby park or forest, you might encounter some technical problems that you don't immediately know how to solve. Or would you like to try out something new but you don't know how to get started? As long as the lockdowns lasts, I offer online private video sessions to help you with these problems. And of course this intiative can help me out a bit in this economically difficult situation.

What kind of things can you ask me?

  • Any technical question about the use of your camera.
  • What is wrong with a particular photo of how could it be improved technically or compositionally? For this exercise you have to send me the RAW (or hires jpeg if there is no RAW available) in advance via Wetransfer.com. Make sure the metadata are included in your photo(s).
  • How do I start with taking a photo of a certain subject in a certain way?
  • How to best post process a photo in Lightroom (if you have Lightroom yourself) for a beautiful natural result.

Practical info: 

  • After arranging a date and a time, you send your questions and/or photos in advance via e-mail and/or Wetransfer.com to info@ingridvekemans.com.
  • You have to be able to video chat through Facebook Messenger - for this purpose you will need to install Google Chrome (which is free) and you will need a fast internet connection. Also Skype is a possibility - you will then have to install Skype on your computer. I can also send you an online link to an online learning platform that only requires you to use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Safari as a browser.
  • The sessions are one on one, there can only be 1 participant to the video session.
  • Now written information is given, only oral, so be prepared to take your own notes if necessary.
  • The information that you get through this sesson, is meant for private use and cannot be shared with anyone, either orally or through any other communication channels.
  • Depending on the number of questions asked, it might not be possible to answer them all within the chosen time frame. Therefore put your quesions in order of importance.
  • These online private sessions will stop once group workshop are possible and safe again.