Maneaters and Red Elephants 2020

This full 10 day photo safari takes you to three of Africa’s most beautiful nature reserves.

On clear days Amboseli, which lies on the border with Tanzania, offers gorgeous views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Dry and dusty, this park offers the perfect opportunity for atmospheric twilight photography.

Tsavo is split in two parts: Tsavo East and Tsavo West, which differ greatly in scenery, though both have intensely warm coloured red sand. Tsavo West has a stunning, volcanic landscape with dense vegetation, whereas Tsavo East is drier and more sparsely vegetated. The Tsavo and Galana Rivers offer refreshing sights of palm trees, and both Tsavos have a remote wilderness atmosphere, with much lower tourist densities than other parks in Kenya.

All three reserves are famous for their huge population of elephants, but there’s also a good possibility of seeing lion (Maneaters of Tsavo!), buffalo, cheetah, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, leopard and hippo. Many more mammals and hundreds of bird varieties will be welcoming you.

Practical info: 

This trip focuses entirely on wildlife photography.

You are 10 days on the spot. Calculate extra days for the international flights!

The route has been worked out to maximise our time in the parks and we are travelling in two 4x4 vehicles, giving everybody ample space to photograph comfortably.

Accommodation is in comfortable lodges and tented camps in the middle of nature. All have private bathroom (shower, toilet), electricity and provide hearty, delicious meals.

More details and complete itinerary are available by clicking the ‘more info’ button at the top of this page.

Click here for more photos made during this trip.

Voor Shoot, het beste fotografiemagazine van België, schreef ik een artikel dat een hulp kan zijn bij het vergelijken van het safari-aanbod.


That I was a complete beginner, was clear from day 1... But thanks to your tutoring and above all your endless patience, I have learned a lot and even managed to take some very nice photos (I am very modest, you can tell). Having a passion for photography is one thing, but being able to transfer...
The photo trip was my first safari. For me a super fun way to get acquainted with game parks in Africa. It is lovely to travel with like-minded people who have the patience to stay a little bit longer in one place to make photos or just to observe animals in their natural habitat. Because the trip...
The safari was, in all respects and at all times, a success; the organization was immaculate and didn’t even show any teething problems or flaws. The quality of the accommodation and meals was excellent. Hygiene in the lodges was perfect and gave a sense of security, the choice of the parks was...
This was my 11th safari - so I can compare - but most importantly it was the safari of my life. Everything was perfect: plenty of room in the comfortable vans, all the time in the world to spot animals and take pictures, good to very good accommodation, delicious and healthy food, great company;...
Liesbeth and I totally enjoyed the trip. It was the ideal holiday formula: I loved the combination of traveling in a lovely natural setting in a foreign culture and a practical photography course. Ingrid is the perfect tour guide. Not only does she know the beautiful nature of Africa as if it were...