Multiple Exposure in the Hallerbos Forest

Do you like photos with that special soft look? Do you enjoy using your camera in a creative fashion so as to conjure up images that fire the imagination? The technique of multiple exposure offers countless possibilities in this respect and guarantees a whole lot of photo fun for the creative photographer!

Details about the workshop

We meet early in the forest to make sure we will not miss the sunrise and the beautiful morning light. An additional bonus is that the forest will be quiet still, with possible walkers arriving only later in the morning. With a bit of luck we will be here when the forest floor is covered with a white blanket of wood anemones but even without flowers this forest is a beautiful place to photograph.
Creating atmosphere and original compositions are amongst the goals of this workshop. This is not limited to macro shots, also capturing the beauty of the forest is a challenge. The participants will get personal tips and assistance to improve their images.

After the workshop the participants will receive extensive feedback on two photos that were made during the course of this morning.

Who is the workshop aimed at?
  • photographers who already know the basics of photography (relationship aperture, ISO and shutter speed; light metering
  • and who are in the possession of a digital SLR camera (or a mirrorless system camera) that has the option of multiple exposure
  • as well as a telephoto lens (200mm on crop camera or 300mm full frame equivalent are sufficient, preferably fast lenses for the best effect), a macro lens or equivalent ((e.g. also a 50mm lens with extension tubes is a perfect alternative for a macro lens)en in het bezit zijn van een statief.
  • and who have a tripod to bring along.

Practical info: 

  • in this workshop the LIGHT/DARK multiple exposure that comes as an option in some cameras, is NOT treated. There is a special workshop dedicated to that technique.
  • no food or drinks are foreseen, so it might be a good idea to bring sandwiches and a drink.
  • a low angle will be desirable for some shots, so bad clothing and a piece of plastic to lie on are recommended.
  • IMPORTANT! The participants will keep both days free - if the weather is bad on day 1, the workshop will be postponed until the bad weather date.
  • As always when you’re photographing in the woods or in the field, you have to take into account that there might be ticks present. More information about ticks and how to protect yourself, you can find here:
  • No cancellation or other insurance is included in this workshop.