Multiple Exposure LIGHT/DARK in the Botanic Garden

Have you already followed a course in Multiple Exposure or have you been experimenting with it yourself and are you a bit experienced with it? Do you have a camera that shows in the multiple exposure menu the option "LIGHT" and "DARK" and would you like to know what painterly and abstract results you can achieve with this? Does the Botanic Garden with its variety of flowers and plants appeal to you? Then this workshop is definitely the one for you!


Details about the workshop

We meet at the entrance of the Botanic Garden of Meise. From there we will explore suitable locations in the Garden for practising the different techniques. The participants will get on the spot assistance to improve their images. 

After the workshop the participants will receive extensive feedback on two photos that were made during the course of this day.

Who is the workshop aimed at?
  • ​photographers who are very familiar with the basics of photography (relationship aperture, ISO and shutter speed; light metering)
  • and who like creative and abstract photography
  • and who are in the possession of a digital SLR camera (or a mirrorless system camera) and a tripod, ideally with a gimbal head or Wimberley sidekick or similar. If you don't possess any of the latter a bean bag or a cherry pit pillow on top of the tripod can partly fulfill the function required.​
  • and who possess a tele(zoom)lens and a fast (e.g. f/1,2 to f/2,8) lens with a focal distance of about 50-85mm.

Practical info: 

  • In this workshop you are NOT being taught the basics of multiple exposure. There are other workshops in the program for this. This workshop concentrates on the options LIGHT and DARK in the multiple exposure, applied to subjects present in the Botanic Garden. It is highly recommended to already have some experience with multiple exposure, to get the maximum out of this workshop.
  • The entry ticket to the Botanic Garden is NOT included in the price of the workshop, so has to be bought separately by the participant. There are many discounts available, so definitely check out the website of the Botanic Garden, maybe you can enter for free or at half price.
  • No food or drinks are foreseen, so it might be a good idea to bring a snack and a drink.
  • No cancellation or other insurance is included in this workshop.