Safaris testimonials

When I registered for the trip to Zambia, I had set my expectations very high and I secretly hoped that they would be met. So were they met or not?...  What a trip !! Unforgettable! I will always have great memories. It is really the country of lions and leopards, where many other wild animals are also present. The organisation was excellent, the lodges a dream, the food superb, the drivers great and the atmosphere very warm. Herewith I also want to thank TUI for the flawless organisation of airport assistance in all airports. I needed this because of a temporary handicap. Also a very special thank you to Ingrid for your continuing concern, your help, your organisation and your feedback on our photos. Thanks to those positive assessments, we can keep raising the bar.
Simonne - Exclusive South Luangwa - Lion and Leopard Country 2019
I have been looking forward to this Zambia trip for a few years and the satisfaction was fully granted. The preparatory meetings and the information provided were followed up so that the preparation was optimal. The further logistics, transport, etc. were all to my liking. Once arrived, all desires were met from my first safari trip so far. I will certainly change that and book a few more trips. In addition to the organisation, the luxury accommodations and guidance on the spot, the wildlife also contributed 100%. A journey to remember with great memories, good photos and to experience again. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.
Frank - Exclusive South Luangwa - Lion and Leopard Country 2019
Already my 7th safari with Ingrid, now in Zambia. I had set my expectations very high, because I had already seen a lot and wanted more. And how they were met: top trip! Lions, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, bee-eaters, etc., what a luxury! Also being able to photograph during darkness was a nice challenge. The lodges in the middle of nature were special. And again a very good support from the drivers and Ingrid who always has something new in store. A journey to remember.
Geert - Exclusive South Luangwa - Lion and Leopard Country 2019
My second safari with Ingrid was a great experience. From the first moment in Kenya I could enjoy Africa, the friends and the warm welcome from Ingrid. And enjoy the adventures and the animals we were privileged to meet, and yes, there were many, many! Always exciting and nerve-racking. And then the reward, the rellief and the enjoying. Ingrid always caring and helpful, always patient when, once again, I wasn't sure what the right settings were. For me it was a dream come true.
Thank you caring friends.
Thank you Ingrid.
Until the next safari .... definitely with Ingrid again!
Claire - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2019
This was my 2nd photo trip with Ingrid, and... how we enjoyed it again! From the excellent support, the beautiful and well located accommodations, the - once again - very good drivers (spotters) and the wildlife that was there at the agreed time ;o) ... thanks Ingrid, see you next time...
Marc - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2019
Our first (photo) safari was overwhelming. Beautiful flora and fauna in Kenya. Ingrid Vekemans has organized everything well: great group, great game drivers and great lodges. Not only lots of space (in the jeep) for photography, but also a lot of good tips from a driven professional photographer. Never learned so much about my camera and technique as on that trip. We are planning a next trip with her.
Kristien and Paul - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2019
Traveling with Ingrid had been in our top 10 for a while. We were persuaded without much effort by a colleague to travel to the Rift Valley and the Great Lakes. This small group photo trip was great. Excellent organisation from start to finish, inviting accommodations with tasty cuisine, and beautiful safari locations. No effort was spared to feed our photo hunger on a daily basis. The collaboration between the drivers and Ingrid created the most fascinating photo opportunities and resulted in many beautiful pictures. And Ingrid was always there to advise and assist us, with small tips, keeping an eye on the right composition, checking our settings for the umpteenth time, critically assessing our pictures, but also giving everyone the feeling that we were doing well, that there was progression. Even for the starters. Great! Her warm personality and casualness made this not the umpteenth organized trip. We are fans already and dreaming of a new destination.
Luc and Els - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2019
It was my third Photo Safari with Ingrid and again a pleasure to travel through the Masai Mara and the other areas with her. Both drivers/rangers know the area well and managed to get us to the right places. The fellow travellers were nice, which is also important. We had the same interests and I learned some things from Ingrid but also from my fellow travelers. The accommodations were also great. Highly recommended!
Plony - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2019
Africa, I had never been there, but the urge was there. Where could I start? I had already done a few workshops with Ingrid and that was always fine, correctly handled. I didn't hesitate for long and signed me up for a safari, that was a year ago. There was still a place available for a second person, who will we choose, it will be Luca, my grandson. It was noticed he was still young, but he stood his ground, I am proud of him.
The safari was unique, I don't think there is anything existing that is worked out that way. The three lodges were tops with helpful, friendly staff, every problem was solved quickly, in the evening the rooms were tidy and prepared for the night. The food that I was a bit scared of was fine.
The group was also perfect, we were perfectly matched.
Ingrid you must not doubt your abilities, everything was OK until the last hour. I have learned a lot and that is always the case with you.
I don't think it, I am sure there isn't another safari that's worked out in this way. Perfect drivers who can assess the risk, "2 meters ahead, 50 cm back, a little ahead" - I heard it hundreds of times and it was carried out with great patience.
The hotel staff is always there to help with any problem and always with a smile.
Congratulations Ingrid, you will certainly hear from me.
Guy and Luka - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2019
For me this trip was a fantastic full experience. Although I had more photography experience with landscapes and architecture, Ingrid gave me the necessary information and practice in no time at all to now also quickly get moving subjects into sharp focus. Ingrid herself is a driven and skilled photographer, with an eye for detail and she is open to questions and comments. The beautiful surroundings, wildlife, accommodation and acquaintance with the locals as well as the excellent running organization have contributed to being able to experience this trip so positively. Thank you Ingrid - Hakuna Matata and until…?
Bob - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2019
My first trip together with Ingrid Vekemans, and it was fantastic! Her good mood, her enthusiasm, her passion inspires the entire group. Excellent photo guidance, pleasant hotels with a real African feeling, experienced and helpful drivers. Ingrid is also very technical, and knows the operating instructions of many cameras. The entire trip was an unforgettable experience!
Françoise - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2019
I have been home for a week now and am still enjoying my experience to the fullest. This trip was so fantastic, it was top! The peace, tranquility but also passion that Ingrid radiates takes you into ecstasy for the wildlife in Africa. Her technical knowledge is also great! The safari is varied. We were in beautiful tented camps with all the necessary comfort. Delightful! She always knows where to find the game, in consultation with the drivers who are also well informed about the animals. The group was excellent too! Such a relaxed atmosphere! Great!
It was my first safari with Ingrid and certainly not my last! Thank you Ingrid for this unforgettable photo safari!
Vera - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2019
My 6th photo tour with Ingrid already, now Uganda, was certainly a direct hit. The trip was very well prepared so we could have lots of photo opportunities. The accommodation was also excellent. And what I will especially remember is the expert support to take our photography to a higher level. My expectations for this trip were far exceeded. My special thanks and appreciation, Ingrid.
Geert - Uganda 2019
Uganda was not only unforgettable, educational, exciting and an honor to be there.
For me it was Breathtaking, truly a Magical experience.
Elke - Uganda 2019
It was indescribably good. We enjoyed every moment. Learned a lot about nature and photography.
Marleen and Jacques - Uganda 2019

Everything was perfectly organised and optimised in function of photography. Thanks to the repeated trackings we were able, after extensive personal feedback from Ingrid, to increase the chances of taking good pictures and improve our technique. Ingrid also gave us lots of tips during the trackings, and she gave us the space to take the best pictures.

Alain - Uganda 2019
My 5th safari with Ingrid was again a bull's eye. Top organisation with comfortable jeeps and knowledgeabel drivers. In the tented camps you become one with nature and wildlife. Different animals in a different environment every time. The special support of Ingrid who challenges me to push my limits,  encourages me to do more safaris with her. I am already looking forward to our next safari that is already booked.
Geert - Southern Tanzania Explorer 2018
It was another great experience with Ingrid. This was my second time with her on photo safari and again I learned a lot but also enjoyed everything we encountered. Tirelessly Ingrid gives advice on the settings of your camera, especially in the more difficult situations such as moving animals, birds and when there is less light available. For 2019 I have again booked a photo safari. With her you can shoot the most beautiful pictures.
Plony - Southern Tanzania Explorer 2018
All the good things that have already been written about Ingrids photo safaris such as professional organization, well-kept lodges, good food, very spacious jeeps with fantastic drivers / spotters etc etc, we can only wholeheartedly agree with! Ingrid herself is also extremely professional. So everyone of the group was assisted, with advice and action, and all questions were answered by her, in a friendly and simple manner. Even I almost understood, because as a 'non-photographer' I went along as Pierrette's so-called 'sherpa'. In the evening, the isos, exposure and other apertures were set aside for a moment, and there was time for funny situations and anecdotes with the necessary sense of humor! Very important for a 'non-photographer' !! As sometimes the gamedrive threatened to become too long again, because of the super enthusiastic photographers, her motto was: Tuende, tuende, we stop for cats and dogs only!!! and sometimes it did work ......... a little bit! Ingrid, continue like this, because you're a great lady !!!
Choeke and Pierette - Southern Tanzania Explorer 2018
Southern Tanzania was a new experience. Different landscape, different fauna. Little known and therefore less tourism. The wildlife experience was intense both in the jeeps and on the boats. Again well organized with surprising accommodation. Guidance with technical tips and a lot of time for photography. A great experience for passionate photographers.
Luc - Southern Tanzania Explorer 2018
Expectations were high. We already have some safari experience. We went for kudu, wild dogs and leopards. The only thing we didn't manage to see was leopards, although ... a leopard cub did surprise us nicely. So going on safari with Ingrid brings something new every time. There's no more need to quote her professional guidance, the many positive feedbacks testify to this. As a human being she comes across as someone with a warm heart! Whoever is still doubting if they'll ever go on safari with her is wrong. Go for it !!
Highly recommended.
Mieke and Marcel - Southern Tanzania Explorer 2018
Why Africa with Ingrid? She showed me the heart of Africa and taught me how to take pictures in a way that keeps touching me.
Elke - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2018
Always a great atmosphere with stays in very pleasant lodges/tented camps. A professional guidance from a top photographer... it's always a pleasure to go to Africa with Ingrid!
Carol - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2018
This safari was a unique experience. You get very close into contact with the African animal world. But the best part was Ingrid's photographic guidance: practical and personal. Her passions for the country, the animals and the photography are clear and drag you into a motivational overall experience. She is also very helpful, concerned about her fellow travelers and has almost everything under control.
The only way to get home without nice pictures is by not joining.
Joëlle and Paul - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2018
Africa, a continent full of surprises, full of beautiful colors, natural opulence, a big zoo ... Ingrid takes you on an adventurous, fascinating and challenging adventure in this super-large, fun zoo. Because going on safari you do with high expectations ... in the hope of ... and for making those nice pictures ... And, if that hope becomes reality because the very experienced rangers have seen something move in the bush, then Ingrid is TIRELESS to help her "photographer cubs" with advice and action. Tanzania, my third safari, was a hit again with its beautiful locations, beautiful nature and then again the unexpected .... all those felines ... sublime. Thank you Ingrid for all that beauty, for your passion and especially for your concern about your fellow travelers.
Simonne - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2018
On safari to Kenya again with Ingrid this year. How, just like last year, we have really enjoyed the trip. And this is mainly thanks to you Ingrid. Your care for the group is very good. A big compliment for the enthusiasm, your knowledge of photography and nature and you transfer this to the group in a great way. Thanks Ingrid for that and this is definitely worth repeating.
Gre and Adri - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2018
With her love for nature and Africa, Ingrid guides you through the savannah. Every elephant is just that little bit different due to special light or an exceptional setting. Daily personal analysis of your results and useful lessons get you encouraged for more and better photos. A well thought-out organisation stimulates the group atmosphere and the interaction between participants. Her sense of humor and of perspective, her heart for the African people lead you towards the ultimate "Hakuna matata" feel.
Kristine - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2018
5th time with Ingrid, and 2nd time Maneaters and Red Elephants…. and I haven't regretted it for one second! And it's not because it's the same trip, that the experience is the same... because for instance last year's abundant rain created a new lake in Amboseli, with lots of water birds. But what is the same is the good accommodation, the delicious food, the spacious jeeps, the fantastic drivers/spotters, and above all Ingrid's input! Her clear explanation about photography as well as about the animals, her eternal good mood, her tireless efforts,... make a - already not so standard - safari a top experience!
Mieke - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2018
My first safari and Africa experience was a bull's eye from the start! A pleasant trip in comfortable environments as far as lodges, jeeps and drivers/spotters are concerned. The great thing about this trip is that you go through this experience intensively with a small group of people that share the same interests in nature and photography. Even for people that are experienced in photography Ingrid still has a few useful tips. Definitely worth repeating as far as I'm concerned!
David - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2018
What a trip, Ingrid! We have very much (and I mean really 'very much') enjoyed the safari and if it were possible, then we were already back in the plane to do another one. In addition to the detailed programming of your safaris, the briefing in advance, the good preparation, the beautifully selected locations and good accommodation, the very cool drivers, you have worked incredibly hard during the safari to make sure everything went according to plan. You were always there with a smile for every question and for every participant. We both learned a lot from your photography tips during the safaris and in between. Also your unwavering interest in our 'well-being', sharing your knowledge of the local fauna, your talent to make it as exciting and challenging as possible for everybody, means that you have made this trip a unique experience for us . The many photos will certainly be cherished as a permanent souvenir. A big thank you for this fantastic trip.
Lydia and Paul - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2018
This was our first safari. What a bull's eye, spotted very many animals and had ample time to photograph them, with Ingrid Vekemans' professional explanation how to best set the camera in all these circumstances. We learned a lot from her. The lodges were top and so was the food. We had super nice fellow travelers. The drivers of the 4x4 jeeps, in which we had all the space we wanted, knew their jobs and were very good spotters. Ingrid Vekemans knows where the good places are in this wonderful nature, and has the patience to wait for the right moments. In a word: an amazing trip; a super thank you, Ingrid.
Agnes and Ruud - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2017
What makes Ingrids safaris so exciting, is that you can feel that Ingrid really lost her heart to Africa, her knowledge of the animals and the crazy patience she's got to wait for the ultimate photo moment. Even the birds she knows by name. Her spotting eyes see so much more than ours. Even if your telelens is badly tuned, she sees it... This patience and knowledge make sure her fellow travelers can have good shoots and that they can push their boundaries. That is what she strives for together with them. What undescribable pleasure when you then show her a good photo!!! Ingrid, this was such an adventurous, very beautiful and educational safari. A sincere thank you. See you in South Luangwa 2019. 
Simonne - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2017
The safari, Amboseli and Tsavo, was my 4th safari with Ingrid. Again a true adventure and complementary to the previous safaris. Even though I have quite some experience in wildlife photography, Ingrid still manages to push me to improve my abilities. This is also largely due to her experience with the wildlife of Africa. For this reason I have already booked my 5th safari.
Geert - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2017
I have followed photo workshops and been on a photo safari before, but Ingrid's photo safari to Kenya, "Maneaters and Red Elephants" and her Macro and field photography workshop stood out above the others completely. Ingrid is very passionate about wildlife and takes all the time needed to observe animals so you have the time to make good photos. She gives valuable tips on the spot and, back in the lodge or tented camp, if you desire, a few of your photos are evaluated by her and if necessary you get extra tips to improve or do things differently. I will certainly participate in her photo workshops again and have already booked another of her photo safaris to Africa. A very satisfied participant. 
Plony - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2017
Safari with Ingrid is a very intense, truly unforgettable and unique experience. She surrounds you with her passion, ablaze with Africa and photography. You accept the challenge to strive - together with her - for the ultimate experience, that amazing photo that touches your soul.
Elke and Roger - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2017
It was the second time for us that we embarked on a big adventure with Ingrid. We were hoping to experience the migration and one way or another trusted that this was going to happen. And yes, twice in a day... unforgettable! This combined with (the knowledge and efforts of) Ingrid, two amazing drivers and dito company, we lived through highlights day after day. Thanks and see you next time.
Jack and Gerda - Miigration and Rift Valley Lakes 2017
The trip was a revelation as far as the wildlife in the Masai Mara was concerned. We have got beautiful photographs of the safari and learned a lot in the field of nature photography. The group was fun. It was well organised and makes us want more. Ingrid, we will see you on another photo safari. 
Marleen and Jacques - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2017
Going on safari with Ingrid again was definitely not a bad choice. Kenya had been on our bucket list for a long time and watchting the wildebeest crossing the Mara river was what we were hoping to see. Who else but Ingrid and her crew could help us with this? We knew from experience that she would make every possible effort to fulfill the wishes of her travel companions. So we got the icing on the cake and we got it twice!!!! What a show! Thanks Ingrid for the right timing, the fantastic drives, the continuous efforts and last but not least, your fun and professional company. Next year we're joining again, this time to Southern Tanzania and in case you're wondering why we are booking so soon? Well, we don't want to run the risk of missing this trip as we know from experience how succesful Ingrid's trips are and how quickly they are fully booked. We are definitely nog going to miss the next big event!! I hope you won't either!
Mieke and Marcel - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2017
4th trip with Ingrid, and a bull's eye yet again! Good, very good, to fantastic accommodations, always ideally located. Very good drivers/spotters in comfortable vehicles. Gorgeous parks, something different every time. And of course the overwhelming migration itself! But what connects and reinforces everything, is the tireless effort of Ingrid, her clear explanations about photography as well as the animals, her eternal good mood! Highly recommended!
Mieke - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2017
A big thank you for the trip, it was fantastic and very well organised. Everything was perfect!! The food was just delicious, the crew was just fantastic! Explanations of the optimal camera settings were well communicated during all days of the trip. Review of the daily taken pictures was inspiring and motivating for me to start the next day with a new challenge and a new angle of photographing wildlife.
Bert - Untouched Africa 2017
Top! Even though it wasn't my first safari - this one was unique! Apart from the good company, the beautiful lodges, the wonderful nature... it is undoubtedly Ingrid's permanent presence that makes this photo safari into an unforgettable experience. Her patience, her knowledge of Africa and her professional guiding are unbeatable. Thank you Ingrid!
Marie-Jeanne - Untouched Africa 2017
Read an article in Shoot end November about photo trips, with a referral to Ingrid Vekemans. Did some research and decided to book beginning of December. From the first meeting in May until we said our goodbyes, everything was well organised. You'd even think the wildlife was arranged... certainly worth repeating.
Marc - Untouched Africa 2017
Untouched Africa 2017 was a big adventure for us even before it started. But it turned out to be a fantastically beautiful adventure and a great success. Especially thanks to the excellent coaching by Ingrid. She manages to share her knowledge and photographic professionalism very well. And we learned a lot from that. Also my husband, who joined as a non-photographer, turned out to participate in the photography enthusiastically, thanks to Ingrid's guidance, which is fantastic both in the field of photography and that of safari. And also thanks to a fun group of fellow travellers this holiday has been amazing. Thanks Ingrid and hopefully to be repeated.
Adri and Gre -Untouched Africa 2017
If you want an exciting safari adventure, join Ingrid. Patiently she teaches you the trics to make better photos. Always willing to arrange things and to help. I also had nice, fun and helpful travel companions. And over there on the plains I experienced the true Africa feeling. A safari like this one is worth repeating. Thanks, Ingrid.
Claire - Untouched Africa 2017
Our trip to Tanzania together with Ingrid exceeded all other safaris that we did until now and, it has to be said, we already had some experience!!! Together with an enthusiastic group and excellent drivers (that went looking for wildlife with us from 6 am until 6:30 pm) we have been able to spot an enormous amount of animals. This hasn’t happened to us on any other trip! Ingrid splits her attention perfectly over all participants. Not only when it comes to taking photos but also technically she is very knowledgeable. The manual of any camera whatsoever was known by her. At last I have learnt how to use my camera flexibly. Ingrid doesn’t position herself « above » her clients but « among » her clients. Thanks Ingrid, you did this very well. I would recommend to everyone to go to Africa with you… however, first we have to enroll ourselves again for next year. That is a fact!!
Mieke and Marcel - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2016
This was our first photo safari and we immediately "hit the jackpot". Together with the two experienced drivers Ingrid knew how to take us to all the special places at the right time. And together with her love and enthusiasm for and knowledge about the people and the animals of Africa, her technical knowledge of all cameras present, her involvement with us all, she has made this trip into an unforgettable one! Thanks Ingrid! See you next year.
Jack and Gerda - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2016
The third safari with Ingrid was again a great success. To say it in olympic terms: I joined 13 safaris total and Ingrid's safaris won gold, silver and bronze effortlessly and miles ahead of the 10 others! However, a photo finish is needed to attribute the three medals... All 3 without exception had a high level of comfort (accommodation, food, jeep), good drivers, a fantastic atmosphere and the unlimited patient explanations of Ingrid (about photography, animals, Africa,...) I have learnt a lot yet again! Only personal preferences for specific parks and animals will decide on the order of the medals, and those are different for any case this trip is highly recommended!
Mieke - Untouched Africa 2016
“Untouched Africa” was the third safari that I had the pleasure of doing with Ingrid. And again I had the feeling that this safari exceeded the others. This partly because I was able to spot and photograph animals that were still on my bucket list. Did that make it a better safari? With all three safaris I had the same wow-experience. This is in part due to the good guidance and the gorgeous accommodations, but also the photographic help of Ingrid who knows how to make you push your boundaries.
Geert - Untouched Africa 2016
A very succesful safari with exceptional moments. This experience in untouched Africa was without a doubt an apogee, with gorgeous scenery, fantastic fauna and a picobello organisation.
Luc - Untouched Africa 2016
My first safari was a real hit, exhausting but so much fun. The organisation was great to the last detail, the lodges/tents were clean, luxurious, comfortable. The food was delicious, healthy and prepared with great care. The division in the jeeps (4 people per jeep) gave everybody enough space to spot the animals and take photos. All this would not have been possible without the professional help of INGRID. She makes you push your boundaries, discusses your photos with the necessary critical comments, knows or finds out how your camera works. Her simplicity and modesty adorn her. Her patience, her knowledge about animals and photography, her good mood and her simple explanations ensure that her safaris stand out. Thanks Ingrid, it was just SUPER, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I have learned and practised a lot. And last but not least... this safari will not be the last!
Simonne - Untouched Africa 2016
We had a fantastic photo safari in Kenya with Ingrid, well planned, good communication, luxury accommodations and motivated drivers. Everything was taken care of to the last detail!!
Monique en Johan - Untouched Africa 2016
My 2nd safari with Ingrid was again a great succes. So different from the previous one, I never got the feeling that it was repetitive. Lots of animal action with the "Big Migration" - which we could experience and photograph at length - stealing the show for me. Perfectly organised, a professional leader, excellent food and accomodation. And what delights me especially: Ingrid keeps inspiring and challenging me in my photographic development. I am looking forward to the next offer.
Geert -Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2015
Third trip and again different and fascinating; a unique nature experience, an opportunity for exceptional photos and a tutor that teaches you new things time and again. An unbeatable formula.
Luc - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2015
I had a great and fun trip, with excellent leadership, everything was organised to perfection. I have enjoyed every moment!
Carol - Migration and Rift Valley Lakes 2015
The safari was an experience beyond my wildest dreams... We were warned in advance that you never know what you will see. However, with the experience of Ingrid and the drivers we managed to spot, follow and photograph so many animals, much more than I ever expected. To see an elephant and a lion so close that it was a real struggle to get them into focus, creates an unforgettable memory. I have full appreciation for Ingrid's photographic support. I gained a lot of experience and got a lot of good tips. The accomodation in the tented camps and hotel was fantastic. The food was superb. It was clean, there was no vermin, and at night we were treated to the sounds of wildlife, which made us feel one with nature without ever feeling threatened. Pure pleasure! For photographers who love wildlife a safari with Ingrid is highly recommended.
Geert - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
I have to say I'm extremely enthusiastic about the whole thing. It was fun and super...Before I realized I was on holiday, I was back home again. That shows how good it really was. For me the photography was a revelation and very instructive.
Jan - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
This was my 12th safari and the last two - with Ingrid - were without a doubt the best of all. The accommodation and food are at least on the level of a very good commercial safari. But then the real pluses: maximum 4 people in a jeep (there's just one row of seats taken out, so you have lots of space!), very professional drivers (they have their radio system but don't need it, they are more than capable of spotting animals themselves and are a rich source of information), great company of like-minded people (loving both animals and photography….) But the biggest plus is called INGRID: her perpetual good mood, her patience, her organizational skills, her knowledge of both photography and animals, and her clear explanations make a very good safari into a super experience! The moments when you're with her discussing your pictures are very instructive and the quality of my photos is still improving (if I may say so - very modestly - myself). Next year is already booked.
Mieke - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
This trip was (again) a success in all respects. Perfectly organised, a good atmosphere and excellent tutoring in photography and wildlife observation. The choice of accommodation and the very neat and shipshape meals make you feel comfortable and safe. The nature is overwhelming and with a bit of patience and good spotting, there is a lot to see. Whoever does not find something to their liking here, will probably not find it anywhere. In any case a trip to cherish in your memory and to look forward to repeating.
Luc - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
A big thank you for the Tanzania trip, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You were extremely well prepared and we could feel that during the trip: nothing could go wrong or the solution was already at hand (even for cancelled flights). I had expected that Africa would get to me, but not to this extent… the passion for Africa that you feel, radiates off you and it encourages everyone to even more enthusiasm. I think I caught the Africa fever too… When leading a group of people, it's not easy to find a way in which everybody is happy…yet you have given me - and I think also the others - the feeling that we got a lot out of this trip… I noticed on many occasions during the trip - and this speaks for you - that you gave up your position in the vehicle whenever there was a photographic opportunity. Several times you told me 'come over here, this is a better position' and you moved out of the way. Every time I wholly appreciated this. Thanks so much for doing that… The Tanzania trip was an overwhelming introduction to Africa and it certainly won't be my last visit. Greetings from a very happy…
Ann - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
Michiel and I are very happy about the safari. We have learned a lot about photographing wildlife in the right way. We saw lots of animals, beautiful scenery and met great people... For us it was an amazing and wonderful adventure to explore Africa and Tanzania. The beautiful colors of the birds, the hunting of wild animals in order to survive… the garden of Eden where all animals can live so peacefully together. Definitely a must to experience. A safari to dream of that has been on my wish list for a long time.
Michiel en Isabelle - Tanzania Wilderness Safari 2014
The photo trip was my first safari. For me a super fun way to get acquainted with game parks in Africa. It is lovely to travel with like-minded people who have the patience to stay a little bit longer in one place to make photos or just to observe animals in their natural habitat. Because the trip maximises the chances of spotting and photographing wildlife, 9 days was a perfect length. Ingrid, you are tireless: planning game drives, constantly spotting animals during game drives, providing information about the animals and birds, giving tips for photography, reviewing pictures every day, in between organising a mini course on a specific topic, taking care of what is not taken care of. Furthermore it was also very cosy. I learned a lot and am still learning. All the more reason to join you again on a future trip.
Paul - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2013
The safari was, in all respects and at all times, a success; the organization was immaculate and didn’t even show any teething problems or flaws. The quality of the accommodation and meals was excellent. Hygiene in the lodges was perfect and gave a sense of security, the choice of the parks was very good and I think we got to see more than 50 large animals (the various subtypes not included). Your knowledge of the area, the wildlife and photography is impressive. Your availability and your concern for the group was also much appreciated. You taught us that nature photography is not just about shooting a portrait of an animal and then leaving, but that patience and observation are an integral part of it. In 4 years of training at the academy I never considered composition, technique and sharpness in this way. The communication and the preparations in advance of the trip were important. So all in all a great experience!
Luc - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2013
That I was a complete beginner, was clear from day 1... But thanks to your tutoring and above all your endless patience, I have learned a lot and even managed to take some very nice photos (I am very modest, you can tell). Having a passion for photography is one thing, but being able to transfer that passion onto others, is an even greater gift. I am also happy to have got to know you as a person! Thank you!
Liesbeth - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2013
This was my 11th safari - so I can compare - but most importantly it was the safari of my life. Everything was perfect: plenty of room in the comfortable vans, all the time in the world to spot animals and take pictures, good to very good accommodation, delicious and healthy food, great company; and the super icing on the cake: the professional guidance of Ingrid, which made an enormous difference between the quality of the first photos and of those of the last day...Highly recommended! And I’m definitely joining again next year!
Mieke - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2013
Liesbeth and I totally enjoyed the trip. It was the ideal holiday formula: I loved the combination of traveling in a lovely natural setting in a foreign culture and a practical photography course. Ingrid is the perfect tour guide. Not only does she know the beautiful nature of Africa as if it were her own backyard, she never stops spotting great photo opportunities. She knows how to convey her expertise and knowledge of photography to everyone. Thanks to her endless patience answering all our questions and her continuous feedback about our pictures, we all felt during the trip that our level improved day by day. Anyone who loves both nature and photography cannot find a better formula to combine both in one journey. Liesbeth and I would love to join you again some time.
Eric en Liesbeth - Maneaters and Red Elephants 2013