Wildlife and butterflies in Blijdorp

This workshop takes us to the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. Not only various exotic mammals but also the beautiful tropical garden with its colourful butterflies are the attraction of this workshop. We will be able to practise  a large number of photography techniques here.

Workshop details

We meet at the main entrance of the Blijdorp Zoo in the Blijdorplaan. This way we will be closest to the tropical garden where we can take photos before lunch. We aim to make nice butterfly close-ups but also photos of butterflies in flight. Around noon we will look for a good picnic spot where we can discuss our experiences of the morning. At 1 pm we continue our trip in Blijdorp where we will photograph various mammals paying attention to motion, composition, detail, background and capturing the moment.  Depending on the weather the day programme could be switched around. At 5 pm we will be back at our starting point.

The participants will get on the spot assistance to improve their images. After the workshop the participants will receive extensive feedback on two photos that were made during the course of the workshop.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

  • photographers who already know the basics of photography (relationship aperture, ISO and shutter speed; light metering)
  • and who are in the possession of a digital SLR camera (or a mirrorless system camera) with macro lens or equivalent (e.g. also a 50mm lens with extension tubes is a perfect alternative for a macro lens) AND a  tele lens with a minimum focal distance of 200mm for a crop camera and 300mm for a full frame camera.

Practical info: 

  • bring your own picnic lunch and drinks. We keep the programme flexible so the picnic spot depends on where we are around lunch time.
  • the entry fee and parking is not included. For the tarriffs, check here: https://www.diergaardeblijdorp.nl/en/practical/ . You can get a reduction if you buy your ticket online in advance. When you have a subscription to another zoo, this might also give you a big reduction or even free entry to Blijdorp. So definitely worthwhile checking the conditions of your subscription!
  • the workshop is held on a week day because the zoo gets very busy in the weekend. This way we have more freedom to move freely and better opportunities to photograph the animals from different angles.
  • no cancellation or other insurance is included in this workshop.