the essence

Why do I keep returning to the African wilderness? What has touched me so much and why am I still so fascinated by it after all these years? With this book I hope - through my images - to give shape to the essence of that attraction, and therefore also to the essence of a safari in Africa. 

'SAFARI! - the essence' is made up of 5 chapters, spread over 160 pages. The book has a soft touch hard cover, is 32x24cm in size and is bilingual (English-Dutch). The price (excl. delivery costs) is 35€. 

Delivery costs: 8€ to an address in Belgium (9€ for 2 books in 1 delivery), 13€ to an address in The Netherlands and Luxemburg (15€ for 2 books in 1 delivery). For delivery to other countries: contact me via the 'ORDER NOW'-button and you will get a detailed price quote.