Tanzania Wilderness Safari

This 10 day photo safari takes you to Northern Tanzania, through four national parks which are teeming with wildlife.

Lake Manyara is a shallow salt lake that attracts a great variety of birds and mammals and is particularly known for its large concentration of baboons.

The world famous Serengeti (or ‘endless plains’ in the local Masai language) is our next destination. Arguably Africa’s finest park, this UNESCO world heritage is a unique place for watching lots of diverse animal interaction.

Ngorongoro Crater often gets compared to Noah’s Ark or the Garden of Eden: almost all of Africa’s best-known animal species live in this collapsed volcano, and with its varied landscape the photo opportunities are plentiful.

Finally, Tarangire is a very scenic park, known for its large elephant population and the picturesque river that winds through its baobab-studded landscape.

Practical info: 

This trip focuses entirely on wildlife photography.

You are 10 days on the spot. Calculate extra days for the international flights!

The route has been worked out to maximise our time in the parks and we are travelling in two 4x4 vehicles, giving everybody ample space to photograph comfortably.

Accommodation is in rustic lodges and tented camps in beautiful locations. Most are set in true wilderness and all have private bathroom (shower, toilet), electricity and provide hearty, delicious meals.

More details and the complete itinerary are available by clicking the ‘more info’ button on top of this page.

Click here for more photos made during this trip.

Voor Shoot, het beste fotografiemagazine van België, schreef ik een artikel dat een hulp kan zijn bij het vergelijken van het safari-aanbod.


Why Africa with Ingrid? She showed me the heart of Africa and taught me how to take pictures in a way that keeps touching me.
Always a great atmosphere with stays in very pleasant lodges/tented camps. A professional guidance from a top photographer... it's always a pleasure to go to Africa with Ingrid!
This safari was a unique experience. You get very close into contact with the African animal world. But the best part was Ingrid's photographic guidance: practical and personal. Her passions for the country, the animals and the photography are clear and drag you into a motivational overall...
Africa, a continent full of surprises, full of beautiful colors, natural opulence, a big zoo ... Ingrid takes you on an adventurous, fascinating and challenging adventure in this super-large, fun zoo. Because going on safari you do with high expectations ... in the hope of ... and for making those...
The safari was an experience beyond my wildest dreams... We were warned in advance that you never know what you will see. However, with the experience of Ingrid and the drivers we managed to spot, follow and photograph so many animals, much more than I ever expected. To see an elephant and a lion...
I have to say I'm extremely enthusiastic about the whole thing. It was fun and super...Before I realized I was on holiday, I was back home again. That shows how good it really was. For me the photography was a revelation and very instructive.
This was my 12th safari and the last two - with Ingrid - were without a doubt the best of all. The accommodation and food are at least on the level of a very good commercial safari. But then the real pluses: maximum 4 people in a jeep (there's just one row of seats taken out, so you have lots of...
This trip was (again) a success in all respects. Perfectly organised, a good atmosphere and excellent tutoring in photography and wildlife observation. The choice of accommodation and the very neat and shipshape meals make you feel comfortable and safe. The nature is overwhelming and with a bit of...
A big thank you for the Tanzania trip, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You were extremely well prepared and we could feel that during the trip: nothing could go wrong or the solution was already at hand (even for cancelled flights). I had expected that Africa would get to me, but not to this extent…...
Michiel and I are very happy about the safari. We have learned a lot about photographing wildlife in the right way. We saw lots of animals, beautiful scenery and met great people... For us it was an amazing and wonderful adventure to explore Africa and Tanzania. The beautiful colors of the birds,...