Workshop Multiple Exposure

Do you like photos with that special soft look? Do you enjoy using your camera in a creative fashion so as to conjure up images that fire the imagination? The technique of multiple exposure offers countless possibilities in this respect and guarantees a whole lot of photo fun for the creative photographer!


Workshop details

We meet at the entrance of the Botanic Garden of Meise. From there we will explore suitable locations in the Garden for practising the different techniques. The participants will get on the spot assistance to improve their images. 

After the workshop the participants will receive extensive feedback on two photos that were made during the course of this day.

Who is the workshop aimed at?
  • photographers who already know the basics of photography (relationship aperture, ISO and shutter speed; light metering)
  • and who are in the possession of a digital SLR camera (or a mirrorless system camera) that has the option of multiple exposures
  • as well as of a zoom lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens or equivalent (e.g. also a 50mm lens with extension tubes is a perfect alternative for a macro lens); a wide-angle and a 50mm lens or vintage lens can also come in handy
  • and a tripod, very preferably with a tripod mount on the telephoto lens.
  • two extra tripods are available - please mention when you enroll that you don't have a tripod and then I will let you know if I can still provide one.

Practical info: 

  • In this workshop the LIGHT/DARK multiple exposure that comes as an option in some cameras, is NOT treated. There are special workshops dedicated to that technique, that are best followed after taking part in the Multiple Exposure workshop in the Botanic Garden of Meise.
  • The entry ticket to the Botanic Garden is NOT included in the price of the workshop, so has to be bought separately by the participant. There are many discounts available, so definitely check out the website of the Botanic Garden, maybe you can enter for free or at half price.
  • No food or drinks are foreseen, so it might be a good idea to bring a snack and a drink.
  • A low angle will be desirable for some shots, so bad clothing and a piece of plastic to lie on are recommended.
  • No cancellation or other insurance is included in this workshop.